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I took a walk in the darkland where the inhabitants were feeding on their own sweat.Their heads were facing the ground while their mouths chanting to some tune that seemed to be addressed to the ground and they were hoping the ground would listen to them.Their faces were shouting to the world on their suffering as the future seemed to be behind them with their past ahead of them.The past haunted them day and night.Years before,promises were made but now untrue allegations and eruptions of unrest were the order of the day.Everyday when it’s sunny,they remember the promise of the rain but when it rains,dust rises up making their future seem invisible and they end up regretting of a rainy day and start hoping for a sunny tomorrow.
The fruit of faith or the gift of grace,they only knew that stars shine brighter when the sky is more darker.Their darkness was a blessing in disguise.

Thats the short story titled the darkland which I wrote talking about the continent Africa.The inhabitants are the people living in Africa or rather the Africans.The story tends to express or explain the problems and sufferings Africans go through.Depending on your understanding,you can get your version out of it.

The promises are the promises which the African leaders tend to give to the voters before elections.”they are promised rain when it’s sunny”.This is to show that the leaders promise things that they don’t see in Africa such as Education systems that don’t ensure that jobs after going through University.They keep on promising about the water systems and even better employment opportunities but till to date,they remain promises.

The untrue allegations and erruptions of unrest are the conflicts and fights that result when Political leaders try to divide the Africans against each other on bases of tribes.
The Africans keep on thinking that all will soon be well and that the Whites may come and rescue them from their bondage but that has not been the case because the same whites are the ones busy making themselves rich from our resources when we are busy fighting ourselves.They are gaining from us when we are in shambles then why should they help us to be stable? That’s a no and it will never happen.

So,a word to my fellow Africans is that,we should wake up the deep slumber we are in.We should start sobering up and stop dividing ourselves as other people are benefiting from our division.Let’s put an end to this.



Sipping my coffee while reading at the cafeteria that’s almost a kilometre from the beach,I could feel the breeze from the ocean that made me to start wondering the great creation work of God.

Life had turned out not as I had planned and I had to check where the rain had started beating me.

Then it all dawned on me that my religious life was not stable and my connection with my God was not that strong as it should be.I believed that going to church never had a great impact on someone’s religious life as I was greatly convinced that what mostly mattered is that I believed that Jesus is Lord and saviour,huh? That’s funny.

“Aren’t you going to church today,”My mom would occasionally ask every Sunday but I always had an answer for that question whenever someone asked and it would be,”Why should I go yet I believe more in God than church goers do?”

I never knew that I was slowly killing my religious life and busy destroying my cordial relationship with God.I would strongly argue that most people who call themselves Christians’followers of Christ’ were church goers and they never truly believed in Christ and his teachings.

The society used to be so open that even a blind person could see and agree with me that going to church or not never made you better than a Christian who remains at home on Sabbath.Examples were all over of rogue pastors who only wanted to enrich themselves from the congregation’s small offerings.Wining arguments after arguments,someone could easily believe or think that am an atheist but that was not the case.

Things were going on smoothly until one day,my life started turning upside down.It all started with losing my best auntie to the cruel hands of death,my cousins being sacked from various jobs that they were earning from and all this made me to start feeling like the black sheep of the family.At some point,I even found myself stuck in a car wreck which only God knew how I survived.”Maybe God was giving me a second chance!”Thoughts that I had when going home that day after a medical check up that left the whole team of medical doctors wondering how I came out the wreck of an unrecognisable car without even a scratch on my body.

Later that day after the accident,I decided to go grab a cold beer to ease my tension and enable me think my life over at the Windlass Joint pub.Few minutes into drinking,I saw a beautiful and gorgeous girl who came directly to where I sat and ordered a glass of water.

“Don’t you take wine or beer or whiskey?” I asked as I continue to empty my bottle of beer.

“No,I don’t take alcoholic drinks and that’s why I ordered water”she responded as she sipped the water from the glass.

“Am Jackson and my life is horrible.Have you watched the latest news about the accident at the Greenland junction,am the guy who survived,the only guy huh!God tryna gimme a second chance?”I found myself opening up to a stranger whose name I hardly knew.

“I am Racheal,yeah,God is giving you a second chance,go get saved.That’s what I can only tell you, just go get saved and receive Jesus.”She said and left the pub without even saying goodbye to her new friend, supposedly me.

I came back to my senses and found myself smiling as I felt the breeze on my bare chest.After finishing my coffee,I paid at the cashier and went straight to church to receive Jesus as Lord and saviour hoping that He will make my life much better as his followers claim he does.

Lost meaning

Walking around town yesterday,I met with this girl.She was so bitter, shouting at every person passing, every litter and it seemed that she had run mad.I was so amazed by what she was saying.Apart from shouting to others,she also talked to herself.I gained enough courage to go and talk to her or even comfort her.

After our discussion,I bought her some beverages because she needed them.I later came to realize that it was all about feminism.It seemed the world has forgotten the main purpose and meaning of the word feminism.The girl,Kiki(not her real name),she went through alot.It all had started when she was a newcomer at this public school located at the far end of town It was her second day at school and she was supposed to go to another class where a joint lesson was to take place.As she was walking in the corridor,she came to this side of the classes where some degenerates who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves were on both sides of the corridor.At first,she was uncomfortable but she gained courage.

The first step,never brought any clue of what was to happen to her but when she was middle way,the hands were all over her.She cried for help but to her surprise,the so called feminists in the school were the ones busy laughing at her.She forced herself through the valley of death and on reaching the other end,she saw the girls discussing her and they were busy teasing her.They started calling her names like,a public punching bag,a public booth and many others.

Am glad she was not traumatized to the point of committing suicide.We agreed that she will change and join another school.Through this,I realized that the so called feminists,preach water and drink wine.The world should reconsider the meaning of feminism.