Stray Lioness

The other day, as I was heading to Church I came across this street child and he said,”help me out by buying these sweets for five shillings only. ” I gave him one hundred shilling note and told him, “this is for you, it’s not for the sweets,take it home. ” The kid looked straight into my eyes and smiled and said, ” thank you,so much.”

This left me wondering and it made me feel a different form of positive energy. It made me feel different and I couldn’t help but wonder what really had happened whether it was blessings from the almighty or the act of helping someone in need made me feel the way I felt.

Later that day as I was heading home from the Sunday church service, I decided to take another street from the usual one that I usually take while heading home. It was around 7pm and darkness had filled the entire town making it hard for one to have a grasp of vision. After a few metres, I came across this street where it wasn’t well lit but atleast from a far distance I could see girls dressed in mini skirts that set all their merchandise out for the buyers who are the public.

I had this hunch of going to talk to one of the ladies. She was of light skin complexion with long hair that cascaded down her back. Her hips were well curved and she was hot, atleast that’s how I saw her. After a few minutes of having an inter personal argument with my inner self, I decided to head straight to where she sat. When I came close and she spotted me, she smiled and asked, “can we go? For only 200 Kenyan shillings? ” And without a deep and critical thought, I said yes.I couldn’t help it because she had already had her hands all over me and this made me so weak that a No from me was impossible maybe if I was a heavenly god.

She grabbed my hand and led to me across a fairly lit lane which was filled with nude women selling their “merchandise.”

After a few metres, we took a staircase that led us through a bar and finally into a hotel room( a brothel I suppose). She paid 100 shillings to an old woman who was keen no one would pass there without making the payment.

She opened the door and led me into the room after which she started undressing. When she was mid-way, I asked, “why do you do this to yourself?” She was at first shocked and she stared at me for around 50 seconds and she said, “look straight into the corner past the handbag and see,” she pointed at the corner and I saw a packet of milk , sugar one kilogramme and a loaf of bread. Seeing this, I told her to dress up and to sit on the other side of the bed because I wasn’t going to pay her for her body but I will pay her for her time.

She stared at me and did as I said. I could see in her the bravery she had and she did what she did for her only son. She did that to put a smile on his face and to make him believe that his momma was her queen. After her captivating story, I gave her the payment we had agreed on and she led me out of the room to a much safer place before we parted ways.

We might always condemn their choices of hustle but maybe after understand why they do what they do, it might change our perspective about them. She was a stray Lioness!

Love, is it worth it?

It was on Saturday at around 6pm in the evening when I decided to go and take a walk in the city so as to clear my mind due to a busy week I had had. My life had turned out to be something I personally couldn’t explain.
It was around 7pm when I came to the end of a certain Street and I decided to take a lane that was not well lit and after much consideration of my security and safety, I decided not to go through it but as I turned and started walking away, I had a voice calling from the back and it came across the lane. The voice resembled a man who was drunk. He said,” hey young man, don’t fear me, I am just heartbroken,can I talk to you?”  From the way he was looking, he was in need of help and I gladly offered it.
“Just come we go and sit at the bench that’s across the street,” I told him as I grabbed the bottle of liquor from him and we headed to the bench. ” Now tell me everything. What really transpired and led to your break up with the girl you claim to love.” That statement seemed simple to me but to the guy it was heavy. He faced me and he started shedding tears and I decided to hug him. After a few minutes of sobbing, he stared at me and asked,” have you ever fallen in love? ah-ah-urgh, that’s an obvious question am sorry I even asked, okay let me tell you my story.”
“A few days after I came to this town, I found a job and  the supermarket where I used to go for my shopping was only a stone throw away from the office where I worked at that time. So, at one time, I decided to go to the supermarket that’s across the street and on entering the supermarket, I Saw this one girl she was lightskin and she was putting on a short dress which were exposing her curramel thighs,she had long hair and some thick ass,her body was just perfect,she became my dream woman. The urge of knowing her filled me and I decided to say hi to her. After the meeting, we grew up to be friends then best friends and then we started dating. Dating her was fun and it was super great. I used to enjoy her company and we did those nasty things people do when they are dating. So one day, we planned a meet up and as usual it was on Fridays and it was always on the evening after I came back from work. At around mid day, she texted me and said that she had an emergency trip that something came up and it needed her urgent attention. So, she would not attend our dinner date as planned. I had to understand, as that’s what I was expected to do. And it’s from that day, our connection started to get lost. Although I raised an alarm about so many times, she would always turn things around and make up stories to make look like am the one who was wrong.
So, there’s this one night, she sent me a text saying, where are you? And I replied that I  was just chilling at home and then she said,sorry, that’s wrong text. I was left wondering who she was texting because it was around 9pm at night. When I asked her,who  she wanted to meet, she talked of some guy with some weird name. Later that night, at around 11pm , I asked her, who was the guy because I was not at ease with them meeting at night and she started saying or rather claiming that I was not trusting her and all that stuff which I was already used to it. So, we argued and we went to sleep not in good terms with each other.
When I woke up in  the morning, I found a text from her and it said,” you asked who he was? He was my boyfriend and I am sorry to tell you that we’ve been dating for more than a year now. Don’t text back.”
And I never texted back,” the guy said and he started sobbing again. I could see the pain in his eyes. Before I could say a word, it started raining and we had to go and seek shelter from under the buildings, but he didn’t follow me. He walked away in the rain and this left me thinking,” maybe the rain will wash away his pain,”pun intended though. I could count every drop of rain that fell to the ground and still wondered if love was worth it? Is it really worth it?


Sipping my coffee while reading at the cafeteria that’s almost a kilometre from the beach,I could feel the breeze from the ocean that made me to start wondering the great creation work of God.

Life had turned out not as I had planned and I had to check where the rain had started beating me.

Then it all dawned on me that my religious life was not stable and my connection with my God was not that strong as it should be.I believed that going to church never had a great impact on someone’s religious life as I was greatly convinced that what mostly mattered is that I believed that Jesus is Lord and saviour,huh? That’s funny.

“Aren’t you going to church today,”My mom would occasionally ask every Sunday but I always had an answer for that question whenever someone asked and it would be,”Why should I go yet I believe more in God than church goers do?”

I never knew that I was slowly killing my religious life and busy destroying my cordial relationship with God.I would strongly argue that most people who call themselves Christians’followers of Christ’ were church goers and they never truly believed in Christ and his teachings.

The society used to be so open that even a blind person could see and agree with me that going to church or not never made you better than a Christian who remains at home on Sabbath.Examples were all over of rogue pastors who only wanted to enrich themselves from the congregation’s small offerings.Wining arguments after arguments,someone could easily believe or think that am an atheist but that was not the case.

Things were going on smoothly until one day,my life started turning upside down.It all started with losing my best auntie to the cruel hands of death,my cousins being sacked from various jobs that they were earning from and all this made me to start feeling like the black sheep of the family.At some point,I even found myself stuck in a car wreck which only God knew how I survived.”Maybe God was giving me a second chance!”Thoughts that I had when going home that day after a medical check up that left the whole team of medical doctors wondering how I came out the wreck of an unrecognisable car without even a scratch on my body.

Later that day after the accident,I decided to go grab a cold beer to ease my tension and enable me think my life over at the Windlass Joint pub.Few minutes into drinking,I saw a beautiful and gorgeous girl who came directly to where I sat and ordered a glass of water.

“Don’t you take wine or beer or whiskey?” I asked as I continue to empty my bottle of beer.

“No,I don’t take alcoholic drinks and that’s why I ordered water”she responded as she sipped the water from the glass.

“Am Jackson and my life is horrible.Have you watched the latest news about the accident at the Greenland junction,am the guy who survived,the only guy huh!God tryna gimme a second chance?”I found myself opening up to a stranger whose name I hardly knew.

“I am Racheal,yeah,God is giving you a second chance,go get saved.That’s what I can only tell you, just go get saved and receive Jesus.”She said and left the pub without even saying goodbye to her new friend, supposedly me.

I came back to my senses and found myself smiling as I felt the breeze on my bare chest.After finishing my coffee,I paid at the cashier and went straight to church to receive Jesus as Lord and saviour hoping that He will make my life much better as his followers claim he does.

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