Lost meaning

Walking around town yesterday,I met with this girl.She was so bitter, shouting at every person passing, every litter and it seemed that she had run mad.I was so amazed by what she was saying.Apart from shouting to others,she also talked to herself.I gained enough courage to go and talk to her or even comfort her.

After our discussion,I bought her some beverages because she needed them.I later came to realize that it was all about feminism.It seemed the world has forgotten the main purpose and meaning of the word feminism.The girl,Kiki(not her real name),she went through alot.It all had started when she was a newcomer at this public school located at the far end of town It was her second day at school and she was supposed to go to another class where a joint lesson was to take place.As she was walking in the corridor,she came to this side of the classes where some degenerates who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves were on both sides of the corridor.At first,she was uncomfortable but she gained courage.

The first step,never brought any clue of what was to happen to her but when she was middle way,the hands were all over her.She cried for help but to her surprise,the so called feminists in the school were the ones busy laughing at her.She forced herself through the valley of death and on reaching the other end,she saw the girls discussing her and they were busy teasing her.They started calling her names like,a public punching bag,a public booth and many others.

Am glad she was not traumatized to the point of committing suicide.We agreed that she will change and join another school.Through this,I realized that the so called feminists,preach water and drink wine.The world should reconsider the meaning of feminism.


One thought on “Lost meaning

  1. I hope the girl realises the society is becoming mad at the hour.They believe it is not their business forgetting that we are each others keepers(borrow from the story of abel and cain)

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